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With over a decade of expertise in the field of overseas education, particularly focusing on the United States, I currently hold the position of Business Development Analyst at IAU.

University Transfer
Initial F-1 & F2 I-20 (From Outside of USA)
Chanage of Status
Agent Recruitment

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Education and Experience

2022 - Present, Business Development Analyst

International Amerian University

2013 - 22, CEO

Farees International Career Counseling

2020 - 22, Founder

Kisob Limited

2020 - 22, IELTS Registration Partner

British Council Bangladesh

2019 - 20, CEO

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I served as a Business Development Analyst at IAU, where my responsibilities included overseeing the Transfer and Admission Department and actively participating in Agent recruitment efforts.

Agent Recruitment

Recruiting agents globally, with a particular focus on education consultancy firms, to represent IAU.

Admission Assistance

Offering support to prospective F-1 visa applicants worldwide during their initial application process.

Career Counseling

Providing guidance on career planning and the optimal approach to establishing oneself in the USA.

University Transfer

We excel in the swiftest university transfer processing services in the United States.

Change of Status

We can readily assist you in smoothly transitioning your visa status from any category to F-1.

Reinstatement Assistance

In case your SEVIS record is terminated, we will provide assistance with the reinstatement process.


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